Media - Sweden Rock Festival 2023 - June 7 - June 10 2023

Media/Press Accreditation 
Sweden Rock Festival, June 
7 – 10 2023


Please read the following instructions carefully before filling out your application.


Last day for application:  May 19th, 2023

We are not able to handle or approve applications made after this date.



Individual applications

The Sweden Rock Festival media application is personal. This means that each person must fill in their own application individually, so please do not fill in any extra names in the "other requests" field.


If you don’t have a Swedish birth-registration number, use “0000” as your last four digits.


Accreditation rules

In order to receive press accreditation for Sweden Rock Festival, you first and foremost need to have a pronounced and verifiable assignment to cover the festival, from a well-established magazine or news site.


You also need to carefully fill in all the information asked for in the application system, including name and phone number of your media employer, as well as links to your published material from last year (if you had an accreditation with us then).


If the application is not complete, or you fail to fill in links with relevant material/coverage from previous years, there is a risk that we aren’t able to handle your application.


Furthermore, please note that you will be granted accreditation for the media channel that you represent, not for you as an individual. That means that there is no guarantee that you personally will be granted accreditation this year just because you were here last year.


We will review the applications carefully. Occasionally, we reach out to your employer to verify your assignment.  


Even if all criteria are fulfilled, the number of free accreditations are limited. Selected journalists from large medias will be given free accreditations, but if you represent a smaller media, you may be offered access to the press- and vip area but by paying your own entrance ticket. This assessment will be made by the press team, in a similar way as it has been done in previous years. If this assessment is made for you, you can either exchange a ticket you have bought in advance, pay by invoice in advance or pay in cash at check-in at the festival. If you are not willing to pay and would rather abstain from covering the festival if this assessment is made, please note this by choosing the “Not interested in paid accreditation” option.


Everyone who has been granted an exchange media accreditation is guaranteed to be able to buy a ticket at check-in, even if the tickets are officially sold out.


Exchange ticket prices when paying in cash at check-in:

(The first festival day has been prolonged, and four out of five stages will be open.)

4-day pass 3800 SEK

3-day pass 3200 SEK

1-day pass 1600 SEK


It is possible to pay with SEK, Euros and Visa/Mastercard at check-in.

Please note! If you want us to send you an invoice, you must be able to fill in a valid VAT number.


Press tent

The press tent is available at the service of all accredited journalists and photographers. The purpose of the press tent is as working space, meant to help and ease your work during the festival. Our press team is found in this tent and will be there to assist you in any way they can. Please note that you are not allowed to drink alcohol in the press tent, and if you are affected please respect that you should not hang around this area.


Photo vests

All kinds of camera equipment are allowed on the festival grounds. However, in order to get access to the photo pits in front of the stages, an official photo vest is required. As there are only a limited number of photo vests available and we are usually visited by very many photographers, not everyone applying for a vest will receive one, and no media will be given more than one vest.


Please respect that no alcohol is allowed in the photo pits, and if you have been drinking you will not be granted access to the pits.


The press team decides who will be given a vest, and this will happen sometime in the end of May. If you haven't heard from us by June 1st, you have not been granted a vest. You will then be put on a waiting list for returned or unclaimed vests. If you are approved for one of these, you will be notified by e-mail.


Camping and Parking

Due to limited space, we are unfortunately not able to supply journalists or photographers with any camp area or parking space. Therefore, this will need to be handled by each reporter/photographer individually, via local camp site- and parking entrepreneurs. If you need tent camping site, or if you come with a caravan or a mobile home, you can see the different camp sites around the festival area here:


Special needs

We try our best to make your visit to Sweden Rock Festival as good as possible, and our press team is here to help you out. However, with over 300 accredited journalists on site, it is sometimes hard for us to accommodate specific personal requests.



When your application has been handled you will receive an email from us. Please keep track of your spam mailbox during this period as well.


Welcome to Sweden Rock Festival 2023!


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