Music business - Sweden Rock Festival 2024 - June 5 - June 8 2024

Music business - Sweden Rock Festival 5-8 June 2024

Please read the following instructions carefully before filling out your application.


VIP access may be granted to relevant representatives of the music business. Some record label- and distribution company representatives, and similar, working with artists performing at the festival may in some cases also be eligible for free access. Most approved applicants will however need to pay the price of a regular ticket while getting complimentary VIP access.


Free accreditations

Just like in previous years, up to two free accreditations per band may be approved for applicants representing one or several bands performing at this years’ festival.

Please note that we don't accredit, for instance, two record label representatives and two management representatives - the maximum number of people is two, all in all.

Record label representatives who will be working on-site with the artists in press relations have priority. If any additional accreditations get approved, they will be “exchange accreditations”, priced as regular tickets but with VIP access.


Exchange accreditations

We encourage business representatives to connect with each other at the VIP area at Sweden Rock Festival, including those not representing any of this years’ performing artists. Such applicants may be eligible for exchange accreditations, whereby the approved applicant pays the regular price of a festival ticket but receives a VIP bracelet. Payment is made either by exchanging an already purchased ticket, by payment on-site, or by invoice payment in advance.


Please note that any on-site payments need to be in cash (SEK or EUR) or with Visa/Mastercard. Naturally, you will get a receipt for your payment if you wish.


Exchange ticket prices when paying at check-in:

4 days: 3898 kr

1 day: 1598 kr



Final application date: Friday the 12th of May

After this date, we cannot guarantee that applications will be administered, most applications that are will be turned down and no free accreditations will be approved. 


Explanations for the form

Occupation: Your position at the company/organization you represent (for instance: promoter, PR, marketing manager, etc.)

Business: The activities of the company/organization you represent (for instance: record company, record distributor, instrument manufacturer, festival, etc.)

Birth Day: There is a blank square after "Day" where we wish you to fill in your Swedish “personnummer” (the last four digits of your Swedish social security number). If you don’t have one, or are unaware of your number, just fill in 0000.

E-mail: Please use an address connected to the person and the company. We will not approve multiple applications sharing an address such as "".



You have to pick one of the available options to be able to apply for an accreditation. Sometimes we receive an application where the person believes that he/she fulfills the demands for a free accreditation but where we can't grant that request, and sometimes it is the other way around. Therefor we would like to know what options suit you best in case you have to pay for your accreditation.


Please note that the application is individual. Each person must fill in their own application, so do not type any extra names in the "other requests" field.


In accordance with Swedish law, we want you to know that the information you supply through your accreditation is being handled confidentially by Sweden Rock Festival and will not be given to any third party.


By applying for a music business accreditation I accept that the Sweden Rock Festival AB may contact me via e-mail with continuous information about the event.



If you find something about the form unclear and/or need additional information, please contact



Welcome to Sweden Rock Festival 2024!

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